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Looking around these days, it is easy to see that electric signs are on the rise. So many business owners are lighting up their community with bright and enticing messages. An electronic message center is a sound investment for most goal-oriented companies. Unfortunately, making the right decisions about what kind of sign to choose, is difficult.

There is so much information that it can seem overwhelming. If getting the best return on your investment is the goal, then spending a little time to consider important details will help you.

Here is a list of things to ask about the LED message center you are considering:

1. Display size – Is the overall display the same size as the overall cabinet size? Check the display matrix (how many pixels high by how many pixels wide). Are the LED lights spread out edge to edge for the most use of space and the greatest visible volume?

2. Pixel Pitch – How close are the LED light modules to each other within each board that makes up your display? The tighter those lights are, the less pixelated your picture will look. For instance- a 16mm display means the lights are 16mm apart, whereas a 12mm display has a tighter and sharper picture because the light modules are only 12mm apart.

3. Full color vs monochrome – If you want to use highly engaging graphics and video, only full color is recommended.

4. Content – Does the sign come with easy to understand and use the software? Creating and employing targeted graphics and advertisements that are designed specifically to work with your board is essential to the overall benefit of having one.

5. Control – Can you control your own board and content easily? Does it work on a schedule that you can set up and change any time? What is your access to make those changes?

6. Connectivity – How is your sign wired? Does it work through your internet WiFi or a cellular device?

7. Warranties – What kind of Warranty is available for parts and labor with your display? All outdoor LED message centers must contend with changes in weather conditions (sometimes extreme). All of them are made with many electronic parts that must function together as if they were a network of computers to keep your message running. So, having the best possible warranty in place ensures the optimum investment.

8. Permits – Be sure that before you get too far along that the sign you want meets the regulations of the local community and that you are aware of your costs for the permitting involved.

Just like most other products on the market; not all LED displays are made the same. Watch out for vague descriptions and if you are not getting answers about all the points listed above, maybe its time to look elsewhere. Maybe its time to consider Akers Signs. Our professional team will answer all your questions and take the worry out of the process.

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