Visibility in your business community is a commodity that cannot be overlooked. Like a commodity, it can be attained in many various forms. Having the corner market on attention-grabbing advertising where companies do their most business is the key to increased success. Signs can seem like a weighty investment when you get your estimate done. But consider this…

A survey was commissioned through Ketchum Global Research and Analytics by FedEx to discover the role signs play in attracting the consumer. It was found that 76 percent of customers chose to visit a location they never set foot in before, completely based on seeing their signs and about the same number of people who saw a sign made recommendations to peers based on that alone. 68 percent admitted to making purchases after a sign had caught their eye.

A business may have a sign that they have had for years and it seems to give them just enough traffic to keep the lights on. But the study also said that 52 percent of people were less willing to shop at a store with a poorly made or old sign or one with misspellings. And 60 percent of people won’t even set foot in a store without a sign.

Considering what budget to allot to an on-site advertisement through signage should now seem more important. Those who have goals beyond keeping the lights on may want to get a sense of the overall value that good planning can provide when it comes to their signage.

It is a great idea as a present or future business owner to take some time and consider this plan. Start with the overall idea of your business and what it means to you and what you want it to mean to others. How best can you convey that message right from your own location? Here is a list of things to consider when planning:

1. Street exposure – where will you place your sign for the greatest benefit?

2. Resources – What already exists on the property you can take advantage of – poles, buildings, electric

3. Message – Do you have a short, concise message or do you need to change your messages from time to time to keep the community aware of new things?

4. Goals – What do you want to accomplish?

5. Community awareness – Be sure to familiarize yourself with local sign ordinances and see what other businesses already have nearby.

6. Competition – Do you have signs that draw people to you first?

7. Budget – Weigh out investment vs reward and consider that signs drive business

8. Peace of mind – attaining the right signage with your message can help you reach goals that may not have been attainable before.

So now, we invite you to let Akers Signs listen to all your goals and plans and give you the options you need to attain them and create the perfect welcome mat for all your future patrons!

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