Bad Signage

Businesses that have either poorly located, outdated or no signage at all, are a lot like ghosts. Few people report seeing them. Their customers will wander like zombies until they find another business to spirit them away.

Many people say that poor quality signs deter them from visiting a business or even a church. Their first impression can be a warm, welcome one or an uncomfortable and awkwardly frightening one. Potential customers have reported on seeing old or ruined signs or letter-boards that have no letters on them and thought that the business must be closed or in decline. Signs in need of maintenance can scare the public away.

A new, professional sign or a well maintained older one says, ‘Here we are, we know what we’re about and we can help guide you in the right direction.’ That is a key asset for attracting the kind of success that every business owner wants.

A warped, reanimated ‘Frankensign’ may want to appear friendly but the truth is that it still looks like a monster. Piecing together overused, broken or outdated signage can save money, but it will do little to chase away the devil of decline.

Signs that are hidden from sight and sneak up on people at the last minute, do not make a good impression. Assuring that motorists have a clear line of sight at a good distance and can read your sign from as many angles as possible is essential to brand recognition.

Akers Signs is dedicated to helping you escape the business cemetery and rise above the fog. Finding the right solutions to get your message out can allay your fears and any haunting feelings about the risks you are taking.

Talk to an Akers Signs representative today to find out the trick to treating your brand right with an amazing sign.

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