A favorite pastime of many during the holiday season is to take a drive and look at all the decorative lights that people adorn their homes with. It seems that those who go ‘all out’ can really attract attention. Before long, the buzz gets around town and so many motorists drive out of their way to see the displays.

While carousing at this time of year, you may even consider what kind of sign you would drive out of your way to see. Are there any that attract that kind of buzz? Would you take your family on a scenic drive to look at your favorite business signs? Maybe not.

But, if you are on a normal family shopping excursion or trip, are there any signs that stand out to you and your family, more than others? What is it about those signs that draw your eyes?

Maybe the moving lights of an LED sign remind you of the way Christmas lights grab you. It is this same kind of power you can achieve with an electronic message center.

The crowds that make their way to the storefront windows to look at the new fashions or other offerings for the holidays, show up because of the elaborate displays. An LED sign is like your own holiday storefront window to the world. How would you decorate it?

Why not take a drive with Akers Signs to look at all the different possibilities for the New Year?

If you would like to have a professional team to bounce your ideas off, we can certainly lend our ears and time to point you in the right direction. We can even bring our very own LED demo out, so you can play with those ideas and see how it can attract people at the holidays and all year.

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