Akers Signs—Cutting Edge Technologies and Time Tested Know-How

Akers’ experience with sign making is a primary reason we are an industry leader in Northeast Ohio and beyond—including Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Akron, Canton, Youngstown, Dayton, and many more locations throughout the country. Though we’ve been a reliable producer of quality signage since 1972, we realize our industry is not what it was 20 years ago—or even 2 years ago. Understanding that an adaptable approach produces the best products for our customers, we place a strong importance to cutting edge technologies, time tested know-how and proper brand management.

Our talented team includes graphic designers from local University’s all the way to sign engineers with 25 years’ experience in the field. Our entire team will ensure your sign is produced within your budget and at the highest standard available in the industry.



Rick - President

*Rick was born to the smell of paint fumes and was raised in a crib overlooking his dad painting signs 14 hours a day. He quite literally lived in a sign shop until he was 10 years old and spent his teen years working in the sign business. He is the 21st best table tennis player in the state of Ohio and he knows more than you or anyone else for that matter, what sign will work best for you.*
Jimmy Young

Jimmy - Art Director

*Jimmy hales from the magical lands of Wadsworth, Ohio, named for General Elijah Wadsworth of Revolutionary War renown and is also a revolutionary in all he does. For five grueling years, Jimmy commuted to the University of Akron and was rewarded with a BFA in Graphic Design. Working in isolation, he uses secret formulas and alchemy to conjure the most legendary sign designs of the 21st century. Some might even call him a wizard. His other passions include planning adventures with his wife Sarah, relaxing with friends and family, creating and playing tabletop games and enjoying a variety of music. On occasion, you may get a rare glimpse of him as he sneaks away from his work cave for a binge of nachos and queso which is his weakness and also his source of power.*

Randy - Office Manager/Estimating

*Born in a backwater rural town and left on the doorstep of a wealthy landowner, he was raised with an eccentric education among a socially elite, although elusive secret society. He is a boldly imaginative rebel in both his thought and his art, and combines poetic and pictorial genius to explore important issues in politics, religion, and psychology. In his spare time he assists the team at Akers Signs to excel beyond the best as a proficient manager and competent estimator. He rarely goes a day without a stop at his favorite local Starbucks. And can sometimes be seen taking short naps in the back of theaters at auspicious movie premiers.*

Josh - Project Manager

*Meet Josh Gruber, our most recent addition to the Akers team! Formerly from the automotive industry, Josh brings his expertise to the team to help provide the best possible project management as we enhance our skills and refine our process. Josh is a determined leader and entrepreneur in his own right. We are excited to see how Akers Signs will continue to grow with him on board.*

Michelle - Salesperson

*Michelle, a mother of three children, and previous stay at home mother is the nucleus of her family. This makes her a great team member because she has mastered multi tasking, problem solving, and working well under pressure. One thing that you can say about her is that her word means everything. Her goal is to provide each customer with superior customer service by assisting them in finding the best design, staying within their budget and ensuring that deadlines are being met. She understands that working with someone you can trust is essential and she works very hard to go above and beyond for every customer. In her spare time she spends her time with her family and especially enjoys watching her children excel in sports, two who play at the collegiate level and one, a senior in high school.*

Tim - Salesperson

*From a young age when he would pretend to be a fireman, Tim had a passion to help others. As president of the Massillon Washington High School Future Business Leaders of America club, Tim aspired to achieve greatness in all he did. So he went on to earn a Business Management degree from Kent State University. While in school he worked full time with MCA Industries to head their Production Display Department. But knowing that an idle mind can lead to a world of problems, Tim decided rather to put his talents to work in even better ventures. He saw how even the most remote communities were in need of ways to get their message out to the world. So he joined the Akers Signs team where he saw they are constantly striving to be the best. Since that time, Tim has provided exceptional customer support in his relentless, realistic and honest approach to the sign industry and his customer's needs. Tim remains active in other competitive ways in his personal life including disc golf, softball, card games, etc.*

Branden - Salesperson

*Branden is a client advisor at Akers signs, he grew up in Portage County and graduated from Field High School with the distinguished title of Best Dressed. He got his start in sales at age 16 working for a local shoe store. Branden has since been in luxury auto sales and fine dining. When he is not assisting clients in sign purchases he is teaching tennis at the country club or trying out new restaurants and cafes.*


*I’ve owned a small business for 20 years & always had minimal signage. This past year we relocated & I felt it was time to look into better signage so I contacted Akers Signs. I worked with Rick & Michelle for both indoor & outdoor signage & I would not hesitate to recommend Akers Signs to anyone. They were always there to give me ideas on what they thought would work best, they took care of all permits & they stayed within my budget. When we originally contacted them their production time wouldn’t have given us our signs in time for our Grand Opening, but they went out of their way to get our signs up & looking fantastic the day of our Grand Opening. Our sign has been one of our best investments & marketing tools & has brought us additional clients strictly because they have seen our sign.* - Danielle Wirick, MS, CSCS, FMSC
Owner, Intelligent Fitness, LLC