Pole Signs

So you say you want to increase your presence and visitors to your location? Maybe you find yourself tucked back from the road or hidden by other buildings and obstacles. This can be detrimental to any business. Have you had a far-off vision about growing to new heights? You can really bring that dream into view with a pole sign.

Any illuminated cabinet sign can gain far more attention seen at a distance. Pole signs were invented with that in mind. Hoist that already amazing internally-illuminated sign way up on a post and people will see it from miles around. Plus, you can gain the advantage in height that shorter businesses will have difficulty keeping up with. A potential visitor may have started off driving in one direction, but because they saw your sign scratching the sky, they could easily decide to turn around and head your way instead.

With a little engineering and ingenuity, Akers signs designs architectural wonders of advertising. These pole signs will become guideposts to the community as more and more of your patrons describe directions using your sign as a landmark. That will continue to bring new interest and buzz about you for years to come!

You may be thinking that you want a unique shaped sign or even an LED message center. But pole signs come in all shapes and sizes these days and many are adding LED displays, even at 80 feet tall or above! Your only limitation is our imagination! And we can imagine great things for you here at Akers Signs. We have a creative team who can make it work.

Our whole team approach raises the bar for all who provide signs. We strive to find the perfect solution and the perfect signage to meet and rise above your goals. Pole signs are just one of the many ways we are doing that. Ask us about all your options today!

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