Are you in need of a tireless promoter of your brand? Are you looking for someone who burns the candle at both ends, but rarely wears out?

Signs can market your brand and promote your vision for endless hours. They can sell while you sleep. They consistently remind the public of all you have to offer.

This partner has it all. Appeal, charm, and all the right messages.

They are a versatile salesperson with all kinds of tools at their disposal. An LED message center could be the best ‘person’ you’ve ever hired, with a significantly lower cost over the long haul.

Imagine if your sales team made hundreds of contacts an hour and told them about all the things you offer. How many sales could that generate?

Then, instead of chasing after every contact to find the ones that want to buy; the truly interested people will contact you! They would be local patrons who already know where you are and what you do. They will see your sign and come to you with baited breath, ready to hear more.

Putting your silent Partner to work for you, is easy. Creating a marketing campaign that changes with you, is simple when you have an LED message center. No time is wasted, trying to convince your sign of the new direction you need to take. No working around a sign’s personal schedule is required.

All you do is change the sign slides and schedule to fit your needs and your offers. Then the sign will do the rest. The power to promote increases exponentially with a partner like this.

Let Akers Signs help you recruit the best team member you’ll ever find; your new sign!

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