LED Message Center

As a business, getting the right message across to your patrons is the key to success. Imagine investing time, money and resources into a sign, only to find out you had the wrong message displayed? But with an electronic message center, that worry disappears.

Changing content is easy with an LED message center from Akers Signs. Not only that, we offer a service of content creation for seven years with your sign. Imagine having a professional team design slides for your sign that you can use for as long as you own your sign.

If you have invested in or plan to invest in an LED message center with us, be sure to take advantage of this valuable asset. Take time to really think through what you will use your message center to say. Some of the best advertising contains brief, targeted text and easy to see and read graphics. Use warm colors and clear pictures and if you use video or moving graphics, be sure they are designed for your exact sign specification, so they give the desired effect.

Another thing to consider is having a scheduled variety of slides that reflect the time of day, season and any special events or deals. This can all be controlled easily online. Do you have someone on staff who enjoys putting together these kinds of advertisements? Be sure to include them in the training that Akers can set up for you on how to take advantage of the software provided.

For years to come, you can change the course of your fortune with very little effort. Bringing together your tailored message and the technological vehicle of an LED display will forever open up new opportunities to succeed!

Let Akers Signs help you learn more about getting the right message out there today.

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