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Grabbing the attention of potential patrons with the best possible signs requires taking the time to consider design. Design is the most important aspect of purchasing signage for any business. The boundless ways to use mixed media, shape, and lighting offers an array of possibilities. But the best designs reach the target audience on a subconscious level; playing on deep emotional bonds between the customer and a product or service.

This balance between beauty and function is the key to engaging, on-site advertisement.

Consider these ten important elements of sign design:

1. Overall size – What size sign fits well within the allotted space and confines of permits while not being too small?

2. Dimensional Quality – Does it have depth to give it more for the eyes to focus on and make people look twice?

3. Lighting – Are there special things that can be done with the lighting for greater effect especially at night? Halo lighting, front lit, variations in lighting color, etc

4. Color combinations – What colors are best for your message and that draws people in. Consider researching the psychology of colors and complementary colors, etc.

5. Text – Clear and concise messaging is always best. Your font choices also matter with signage. Avoid thin strokes if possible. Thicker fonts equal more legibility

6. Logos and other art – Do your logos and artwork well for a sign like this? If not, you may even consider tweaking them for the sign, so it grabs the attention even better.

7. Materials – What works best for the overall appearance – aluminum, acrylic, vinyl, foam core, faux panels such as stone, brick or wood, etc.

8. Overall Layout – Consider what should be at each level of eyesight – what needs to be right at the top of the sign, etc.

9. Visibility – Will you need the sign to be at a high level such as a pole sign? Will it need to be seen from two or more directions?

10. Overall Appeal and Uniqueness – The more a sign is unique and still has a clean look, the better. Finding the balance between these is essential.

If you take the time to go through these essential elements of sign design, you can narrow your focus. In this way, you will know what you really need for eye-catching designs that help you stand out.

Using these as a starting point, write down some ideas and put together a list of the best answers to each. Having this ready when presenting your ideas to the design department at Akers Signs can go a long way to getting your ideas across for yourself and the team making your signs. In this way, you can be certain to attract more patrons and more business.

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