Monument Signs

Your organization may want to explore the option of putting in a monument sign. Perhaps they do not know what a ‘monument style’ sign is or the benefits of having one. Monument style signs are a freestanding sign on a property that is separate from other construction or buildings.

They are used to indicate the locations and entrances of
• office parks
• churches
• retail plazas
• housing complexes
• community and entertainment venues
• various civic and government institutions
• schools
• corporations
• hospitals and other medical facilities
• stand-alone businesses.

Typically, a monument style sign is an eye-catching and visually impressive, constant advertisement placed in a strategic position along all of the roads where the organization is located. This is the first connection any business has with approaching prospective customers and visitors. Your presence is established through it and your location will be difficult to miss with the right monument sign in place.

Monument signs are a custom made extension of the overall business model. They are designed per the business brand and the location’s architectural style. They are custom fabricated through the use of many different types of materials such as; brick and stone masonry, High-density polyurethane foam, aluminum or steel frames, acrylic faces with vinyl or paint, LED light modules for an internally illuminated sign cabinet, carved and sandblasted wood, faux texture panels, flat cut metal letters and address numbers, digitally printed signage, changeable copy letters and now many of them are incorporating a digital message center LED display as well.

If you choose to design a monument sign with either internal lighting or a message center, that can result in advertising options, at all times. The more that people are drawn in by your monument sign, the more prosperous your endeavors will be. The sheer diversity of form and style that is available with a monument sign can truly help you stand out and be recognized. This kind of sign will grab the attention and in itself can be a recognizable type of trademark and landmark for years to come.

In summary, your new monument sign will
• Give your organization prominence in the surrounding community
• Allow you to communicate your brand and message
• Be a signpost to your location
• Be a recognizable landmark for years to come

Akers Signs is adept at helping all types of business leaders to put together a design that fits their needs and plans for creating success with a unique and professional monument style sign. The overall value of a well planned and well-built monument sign that Akers Signs can provide will far outweigh your expectations long term when the results are realized. Contact us today to find out more!

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