Church Signs

A church sign helps to engage the public with their message and devotion to helping their community. It ensures that everyone knows they are active and available to meet the spiritual needs of their congregation and anyone who steps through their doors.

Exterior Church signs are a very effective tool because they

· Help the church to reach out to its members
· Inform the community about Church services, activities and events
· Provide a platform for outreach and messaging outside their four walls
· Demonstrate that the congregation values their community and others

A Digital Church sign is an even more powerful way for the Church to do these things. Electronic Message Centers open the door for an ongoing and amazing conversation with the public through its visually captivating presence. Not only will it bring more worshippers but, it will help establish the church as an integral and modern part of its social environment. In this way, the community will acknowledge that the message presented by the Church has value and will be more apt to listen.

Many adults who join congregations have visited for the first time because of exterior church signs.

There are also other options for signage available to congregations who may not want to take on a large economic burden right away but, still want to reach out with new and tastefully designed displays.

· Self illuminated Sign cabinets (or sign box) style. This is a great option for keeping the light on in the darkness. People driving by at all hours of the night and early morning are still aware of your presence and the opportunity to be found through your message, even when you are not physically there.

· Changeable Copy signs. These are what proceeded the electronic display and are still widely used to project a church message. A set of letters are included in the overall cost and a vandal cover can be added for protecting the sign as well. These can also be internally illuminated.

· Monument style signs. The materials used in the manufacturing of these masonry signs ensure that the end product remains fade resistant, stable at a wide range of environmental temperatures and extremely harsh weather conditions.

If these are not suited to your church’s particular needs, other options are available, such as,

· pole signs
· post and panel signs
· channel letters
· wall or cloud style signs

At Akers Signs, we will work with you and your Church congregation to help you put together a plan that best suits your goals in sharing the message with your community! We have worked with many churches and fellowships and they found that we were able to meet their needs and their budgets with amazing results. Do not hesitate to contact us today so one of our helpful and friendly team members can assist you!

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